Veterinary Partner Program

Veterinary Partner Program

Seeing a family pet suffer from cataracts can be heartbreaking. Become one of the first veterinary clinics to offer LumenPro Veterinary StrengthTM as an alternative to expensive cataract surgery.

Seeing a family pet suffer from cataracts can be heartbreaking. Become a partnered vet today and provide a effective solution to help pets with cataracts.

About LumenPro Pet Cataract Eye Drops

Cat and Dog GraphicSeeing a family pet suffer from cataracts can be heartbreaking, and poor vision in pets is certainly frustrating for their owners. But poor vision also presents potentially harmful risks to pets as they navigate everyday obstacles like stairs, especially in low light conditions. Cataract surgery can help, but it may not be a practical or affordable option for many pet owners.

LumenPro eye drops contain lanosterol, a naturally occurring molecule proven to slow, halt and reverse the progression of cataracts in animals. LumenPro combines lanosterol with n-acetylcarnosine, an antioxidant, in an affordable, easy-to-apply eye drop solution. LumenPro’s ingredients conform with monographs for over-the-counter eye drops published by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. The effectiveness of LumenPro lies entirely in its novel lanosterol delivery system, which is pending patent approval with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

The Veterinary Advantage

As with most medical treatments, better screening leads to better outcomes. Pet owners can easily confuse other ocular conditions (e.g. nuclear sclerosis) for cataracts. That is why we’re making LumenPro Veterinary StrengthTM exclusively available to veterinary clinics, where proper screening, improved patient compliance, and regular follow-up visits can ensure the most favorable results for their patients.

Exclusive Offer

We invite you to be among the first veterinary clinics in the U.S. to offer LumenPro Veterinary StrengthTM as an alternative to expensive and invasive cataract surgery. As an early adopter, you’ll be the exclusive source of LumenPro Veterinary StrengthTM in your area. All we ask in return is your occasional feedback to help us continually refine our product.

We are also seeking veterinarians to assist us in adding to our body of research by submitting their clinical observations of the effectiveness of LumenPro Veterinary StrengthTM in their patients. Participating clinics will receive free products for their enrolled subjects and reimbursement of their study-related time.

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Program Benefits

Special Veterinary Formulation

50% more active ingredient and 50% greater volume per bottle.

Participate in Clinical Sharing

Receive exclusive access to current clinical research.

Dropship or Bundle Packaging

Dropship directly to your patient or stock your office shelves.

Become a Veterinary Partner

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If you are a veterinarian, please sign up today to learn how LumenPro Vet Strength can benefit your patients, their owners, and your practice.